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Day 67: The Pandemic Chronicles

It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve written my last blog.  It is timely to revive it, to make better use of my time while still locked-down. I can still remember it vividly, my last day of being physically at work.  March 16th, Monday.  The following day, was the first day I set up to… Continue reading Day 67: The Pandemic Chronicles

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Today, we drove-thru McDonald’s

It’s a Sunday, and a lazy one at that.  I thought of bringing my son, Matty, out of the house, of course, following safety measures.  I just want him to see and get a sense of the “new” outside world.  We planned on getting his favorite from McDonald’s- chicken nuggets meal with strawberry shake. We… Continue reading Today, we drove-thru McDonald’s

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How we embed curiosity and learning in today’s culture

We are already in the month of August, 5 months into the new normal, and most of the schools across the country will be starting their online distance learning/virtual learning.  There are mixed sentiments about the entire thrust and push of the government and private schools about keeping the academic year in force.  There are… Continue reading How we embed curiosity and learning in today’s culture


Cinemalaya 2016: Tuos

My friend and I decided to support and watch the film produced by another friend. And because Cinemalaya movies are exclusive and scheduled, we headed to the cinemas further down South of the Metro. Cinemalaya is always awaited by fanatics of independent slash artsy films. Those with profound understanding of the filming methodology are the… Continue reading Cinemalaya 2016: Tuos


That thing called Snapchat.

I have been hearing (and seeing) about this new social media fever called Snapchat.  Not really a fan of “trends”, I did not let the bug bite. It’s been months and almost everyone I know were already Snapchatting.  Of course, it stirred my curiosity and started asking users around how it works.  I didn’t really… Continue reading That thing called Snapchat.